T. Road Company

T.road company was established in 2007. Before, the Partners of T.Road Company were doing the same business as individuals. As the business grew more and more side by side with the iraqi economic situation, the time came to establish a corporation.
T. Road Company is mostly keeping its activities in Northern Iraq, the Center of Kurdistan, where the products are delivered to the costumers by using special vehicles for frozen food. The Company also distributes its own refrigirators to the costumers, which are mostly supermarkets and restaurants. The Maintenance and Cleaning of these refrigerators is also managed by T. Road Company. As an Corporation with many years of experience in the iraqi market and with iraqi and european Business Partners, T. Road Company has build a solid base in the sector or frozen food.

Partners and Warehouses

You can find the Partners in our first administration office, which is located near Erbil's Governorate Building in front of the communication tower. This Office is managed by Kocher Amin. In the second administration office located at Zanko Quarter near the 18 Shubat Dormitory you'll meet the Managing Director, Ako Amin.
Legal Counsel of T. Road Company is Dashty Amin, certified Lawyer established in Erbil. The relations between the Corporation and its european Partners are managed by Wrya Amin, located in Germany.

The Warehouses of T. Road Company are managed by Salar Amin. One of the Warehouses you find in the Industreal Area of Daratu, the other and main Warehouse is located in Erbil's South industrial Area.

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